Enertrag Systemtechnik is expanding its range of emergency power fuel cells

Dauerthal, 06.10.2016

ENERTRAG system technology is incorporating the fuel cell systems of the Neubrandenburg-based manufacturer, new enerday, into its sales programme and will be selling them under our “Gridion” brand name on the wind energy market. The company WindEnergy 2016 concluded a corresponding agreement in Hamburg last Tuesday. As they are required, inter alia, for beaconing wind energy turbines during the construction phase or in the event of network shutdowns, Gridion fuel cell systems are deployed for an interruptible power supply.

In the General Administrative Rules for the Identification of Aircraft Obstructions (“Allgemeine Verwaltungsvorschrift zur Kennzeichnung von Luftfahrthindernissen” – AVV), republished in 2015, legislators require a substitute power supply system for beaconing systems. They are there to ensure the beaconing does not fail in the event the power supply is interrupted. According to Thomas Herrholz, Managing Director of ENERTRAG Systemtechnik; “new enerday’s independent fuel cells are reliable, environmentally-friendly and mobile, and therefore perfectly suited to establishing a backup power supply system. They thus also perfectly complement our beaconing solutions.”

Using standard propane gas, new enerday’s fuel cells work as an energy source and, so that they can be conveniently transported to the operation site, they can be integrated into car trailers or crane boxes. With an on-board supply of propane gas, the fuel cells can operate for up to 600 days (8 hours per day) for a power consumption of 30 watts, for example, as is the case with LED beaconing. ENERTRAG Systemtechnik’s products can be purchased, hired and supplied within the framework of a supply contract.

New enerday Managing Director Dr. Matthias Boltze has particular praise for the local proximity to their sales partner: “ENERTRAG Systemtechnik is based in Prenzlau, our company is only 58km away in Neubrandenburg. This makes the logistics convenient, and if necessary, a quick exchange can be supplied quickly.”


ENERTRAG Systemtechnik
Jasmina Benthin

About ENERTRAG Systemtechnik GmbH:

Founded in 2002 as an affiliated company of ENERTRAG AG, ENERTRAG Systemtechnik develops and supplies components for wind turbines. They mainly focus on beaconing systems for low-emission daytime and night-time markings, which are supplied to wind turbine manufacturers as original fittings under the brand name procandela. The airspex division offers services and technologies for needs-based marking, whereas the new Gridion division offers emergency power systems based on fuel cells.